Technical Specifications

Cantilever beams

Our veranda cantilever beams are manufactured from structural grade aluminium
6082T6, to a specification tailored to each individual veranda project, in a full-range of
colours, taking into account individual beam load requirements.

Fascia gutter combination

The verandah fascia gutter combination is extruded in architectural grade aluminium
6063T6 in a full-range of powder coated colours and anodised finishes.
The section acts as the veranda gutter support for the glazing system via the cantilever beams, as well as housing all the electrical option’s and associated wiring.

Glazing support system

The verandas glazing system is extruded in architectural grade aluminium 6082T6 in a
full-range of colours. This bespoke system has been specifically designed for the uplift
of imposed loading of wind, as well as the down force of wind, snow and sand, that open
sided structures are required to endure.
All load bearing sections are bolted into position with marine grade (A4) stainless steel fixings. None of the glazing system is of a push / clip fit design.


The veranda glazing is available in two materials, Toughened glass and solid polycarbonate.

Toughened safety glass

Toughened glass is predictably 5 times stronger than normal glass of the same thickness. Glass used in this application has an in infinite life span. Glass is highly resistant to
surface damage and scratching compared to alternative materials. Glass retains its light
transparency and translucency. The glass is available in a wide range of tints and patterns.

Solid polycarbonate

Solid polycarbonate is a clear or transparent glazing material, providing high impact resistance. Is available in clear, translucent or opaque in a choice of tints and solid colours. Product options include UV and advanced abrasion protection.

Wall fixings

Wall fixings for our verandas are provided by Hilti Great Britain. These would normally
be mechanical (20mm diameter) or chemical anchors depending on the base material
to which the beams are being fixed. Where necessary, in-house we have the facility to
conduct onsite pull-out load testing.

Lateral restraints

Where lateral restraints are required, these are made from Marine grade (A4 & 316)
stainless steel.

Bolted connections

All bolted connections are made from marine grade (A4) stainless steel.
These are of various diameters depending on loadings.


There is a wide range of options for our verandas, these include lighting, heating,
sound, sun shade and side screens. A typical specification for some of these options
is outlined below.
Light and speaker mountings in mahogany hardwood with two coats of teak stain and
two coats of high gloss yacht varnish.
Lighting 8 x 7 watt LED lights IP54 Rated with dimmable remote control.
4 x 40 watt waterproof speakers connected to Bose sound system.
2 x 1.5 kW waterproof infrared heaters.
5 x electrically operated roller blinds in Sunbrella “dune” fabric.
Two drop down sides with detachable corner posts.
Aluminium powder coated finishes are available in a full range of British RAL
colours to BS6496.

Design Specification

All verandas are specified subject to customer requirements and the loadings required
by relevant building regulation authorities for the installation’s geographical location, which includes wind, snow, sand loading and fire regulations.
See Legal notes.


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